Five Sisters Speak Out About Childhood Molestation at Hands of Monster Once Set Free By Bail-Reform Group

Five Sisters Speak Out About Childhood Molestation at Hands of Monster Once Set Free By Bail-Reform Group

Five brave sisters come forward to talk about their horrific violation at the hands of a man let out of jail by a bail-reform group.

In New York, five sisters decided to break their decades-long silence to share with the New York Post how a man who was recently convicted of molesting a child — once freed from jail thanks to a Bronx-based non-profit — also molested them as children. The women recalled heartbreaking accounts of being raped by their stepfather before age 13 and how he forced the children as young as six-years-old to perform oral sex on him. The eldest sibling stated that she chose to sacrifice herself to her the monster known as Luis Olivo when she was just 10 years old in a futile attempt to get her stepfather not to abuse her younger sisters.

“This has been killing me my whole life,” said Elba Garrison, 48, explaining that she told Olivo to abuse her as long as he didn’t harm the others.

However, Garrison recently learned that her scumbag former stepfather, now 59, never stopped violating other children. In fact, one of his victims was a little girl he molester just after being released from jail with the help of a bail-reform group. The sisters discovered that Olivo also molested a 3-year-old boy in Queens back in October 2019, then was freed thanks to the Bronx Freedom Fund who posted his $2,000 bail allowing him to go then and molest an 8-year-old girl in the same burrow just two months later.

After finding out that their former stepfather was still hurting children, the women finally decided to come out and reveal the full extent of what was done to them as kids.

“We learned to survive and be OK with it — but it destroys you on the inside,” Olivo’s 35-year-old daughter, Heiddis Olivo, said of the abuse she and her four half-sisters, all of whom have the same mom, allegedly suffered at her dad’s hands.

The sisters decided to tell their story so that it could help others.

“You don’t ever think anyone would ever believe you,” Garrison said. “But when we found out he had been arrested, we thought, ‘He really never changed, and there must be more victims.’”


The women gave painful details of how Olivo forced them as children to perform sexual acts after he'd moved in with the girls and their mother in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in 1983. Olivo wound up leaving their home in 1992 after he and their mother finally broke up. The sister said that they don't think their room was even aware of the abuse.

Evelyn Vazquez, their mother, wept during an interview with the Post, saying that she did not realize her children were going through such a hell under her roof. When she was later told by her daughter Garrison, who was then 19, what Olivo did to her, Vazquez said she chose to go to her church instead of the police. She said that she had only recently learned that her other daughters had also been abused.

One of the sisters, Kathy King, now 45, said through a stream of tears that Olivo began molesting her when she was only nine and that the abuse only got worse over time.

“I wasn’t even a teen yet, and that’s when he did the bad deed and pushed me down on the bed and told me not to say anything. He said, ‘This is just between you and me,’ ” King said.

“It was just terrible — I still remember the color of my underwear,” King said, breaking into sobs. “He raped me on my mother’s bed. … It happened multiple times.”


Another sister, Tasha Hernandez, now 38, said that he forced her to give him oral sex when she was between 6 and 8.

“I always did what he said because I didn’t want to get in trouble [with Olivo]. I knew my mom loved him,’’ Hernandez said.

“It happened several times a week, probably for a year. For me, it felt like forever.”

Garrison, who ran away from home at 15 to escape the abuse, said her stepfather had been violating her orally and in other ways for many years.


She said she decided to make a deal with the devil because “I really thought I was keeping my sisters safe.”

Another sister named Jocelyn Hernandez, now 42, spoke of how Olivo began playing touching "games" when she was only 5 or 6.

She recalled how the last time she saw her former stepdad was when they bumped into each other while riding an M train in Brooklyn in 1996 and how the disgusting pedophile desperately attempted to make amends.

“He said he found God and was really sorry about what he did to us when we were kids,’’ Jocelyn said. “I told him I forgave him, and he broke down crying.’’

“I now feel [his apology] wasn’t true,’’ she said.

As for the Bronx Freedom Fund, the organization who posted bail for Olivo, Herndedx said:

“The non-profit should really be caring about these poor, defenseless children. [Luis] doesn’t deserve any help from anyone,” Hernandez said.

“I know because he did the same to me; he did it all my sisters.’’

Luis Olivo eventually pleaded guilty to his sex crimes last July and is currently serving a 5-year-=sentence at the Marcy Correctional Facility located in Upstate New York.

Sadly, after inquiring about pressing criminal charges against her former stepfather, Hernandez learned that the statute of limitations had run out.

“Jail is the safest place for him,” Hernandez said.”We want that time extended as long as possible.”

Sadly, five years isn't nearly long enough. For more on the debate in New York over bail reform, you can also watch the video below.


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