Heartbroken Mother Chokes Back Tears at Funeral While Eulogizing Husband and 3 Children Murdered By Her Brother

Heartbroken Mother Chokes Back Tears at Funeral While Eulogizing Husband and 3 Children Murdered By Her Brother

A devastating mom delivers the hardest speech no mother should ever have to give following a horrific and tragic event.

A grieving mom and her only surviving son only had each other to lean on after their four family members were taken away by a senseless act of violence. Loretta Traynor will now spend the rest of her life haunted by the fact that her own brother is responsible for ending her husband's lives and three of their children. At their joint funeral service, the 50-year-old mom sat in a wheelchair not far from the four caskets containing her beloved husband and children. According to the CBC, she said her family was "taken too soon, too violently and without warning."

"In no way, shape, or form can I believe that good will come out of this tragedy. I can't, and I won't accept it," she said while her only surviving son, Sam, stood next to her, as reported by CTV News.

After her family had been shot dead, Loretta was also severely injured by 48-year-old Mitchell Lapa, her biological brother, who entered their home in Oshawa, Canada "uninvited,' just before gunning down the entire family, according to Durham Regional Police, via the Toronto Sun.

"Lapa was the sole shooter in this incident, and he died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound," the police said.


A family friend also mentioned that Mitchell killed the other family members but intentionally wounded his sister instead of taking her life.

"They’re saying Mitchell killed all Loretta’s family and only injured her enough, so she would have to live without the rest of her family," the friend said.


While discussing Mitchell, the friend also noted:

"Even as a kid growing up, Mitchell was a couple of years younger than me — always in and out of trouble. And that was from a point of view of a teenager who was able to see that all that time ago. I am not surprised of what I’m hearing... He was mentally unstable."


It's also being reported that after her father's death, she and her kids inherited most of his assets, while her brother Mitchell had been, for the most part, cut out of the will, reports the CBC. It appears that he may have decided to get revenge by taking away her husband Chris, who she'd been married to for over 20 years, along with their children.

After Mitchell's murderous rampage, Loretta was left devastated from not only from the heartbreaking loss of her husband and three children, Joseph, age 11, Adelaide, age 15, and Bradly, age 20, but also knowing that her own brother was the person responsible. Thankfully, Sam, their oldest son, survived because he had not been at home during the attack.

"They were the best of me," Loretta said at their funeral. "I have lost so many parts of me that make me a better person."


During her emotional eulogy, the grieving mom said:

"I am so proud to be Chris' wife. I love him with everything that I have. I am so proud to be Bradley's mom. He was one of the kindest spirits to ever walk the face of this earth. And I am so proud to be Adelaide's mom. Her heart was pure as gold. And I am so proud to be Joey's mom. He was innocent and happy, and he had the biggest dreams of all of us."

She added, "My last words to each of them was that I loved them."


Loretta's oldest son Sam went on to say:

"The happiness that they brought us is greater than any evil," as quoted by CBC.

"I wish with all my heart that it could have been longer and we could have all gone through life together," Sam added, wishing his father was still here to see him graduate and that he could have shared more precious memories with his siblings.

According to CTV News, the service took place at St. Mary of the People Parish in Oshawa. The grieving mom told those in attendance that her husband and children's deaths had sent her to "dark places." However, she also added:

"...what I have to take with me is that light that I have found from all of you. You have given me a lens into my family's lives that I didn't have and that is a gift for which I am forever grateful."

Words cannot begin to describe the torment this mother and son must be experiencing right now. Please lend them your support through prayers. You can watch a video of the funeral service below.


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