Social Media Slams Insensitive Man Who Finds Pregnant Wife's Morning Sickness 'Embarrassing' and 'Disgusting'

Social Media Slams Insensitive Man Who Finds Pregnant Wife's Morning Sickness 'Embarrassing' and 'Disgusting'

He even yelled at her and made her sleep on the floor.

My wife already had her children when I married her, and in my mind, her children are our children even though I wasn't with her when she was pregnant with them years ago. However, my mother had my little brother when I was 15, so I well remember how difficult the pregnancy was for her and all that she went through. It wasn't an easy time for her, so by extension, the rest of us were well aware of just how hard pregnancy was, especially since my mother was in her early 30s when she got pregnant. By my understanding, pregnancy is more difficult the older a woman gets and that gels with my memories of that time in our home.

I can't imagine what would have happened had anyone dared to call my mom "disgusting" or "embarrassing," but trust that it wouldn't have been pretty, and I imagine my wife would have felt exactly the same way as my mom would. One pregnant woman took to the popular Reddit forum "Am I The A**hole" to ask the Reddit community if her husband was out of line in how he was treating her during her pregnancy. The fact is, pregnancy isn't really nine months of bliss and glowing skin as the movies sometimes portray. For many women, pregnancy entails a lot of nausea, hormonal imbalance, and a lot of things just being different in their bodies.

Egor105, Pixabay
Egor105 , Pixabay

The woman told the community that her husband had said in front of his family that he was embarrassed by her because of her nausea and vomiting. She wanted to know if she was "the a**hole" for being mad at him for doing this. She explained that she's having a difficult pregnancy and it's her first pregnancy, so all of the changes weren't really expected, which is natural. She even said that her husband's cologne is making her sick sometimes, and he blames that on her instead of wearing something else or opting to not wear cologne.

1041483, Pixabay
1041483 , Pixabay

When they were at his parents' house, he made her sleep on the floor because the guest room was apparently taken. However, when she needed to throw up the next morning, he told her to "hold it" so that his sister's kids wouldn't have to brush their teeth in a smelly bathroom. She couldn't hold it and he said she was "disgusting" and "embarrassing." Is she the a**hole for being mad? Not at all and the Reddit community suggested that she re-evaluate the relationship before it's too late.

Image: Regina Zulauf , Pixabay

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