8-Month-Old Boy Left Almost Completely Brain Dead After Being 'Shaken' By Dad— Please Pray For Him

8-Month-Old Boy Left Almost Completely Brain Dead After Being 'Shaken' By Dad— Please Pray For Him

Little Milo is fighting for his life after his father shook him hard enough to cause a stroke.

An 8-month-old baby is currently mostly brain dead but still fighting to live after police say his dad shook him until he had a stroke. According to reports, Milo Hill is currently in intensive care, but doctors are not optimistic about his chances of pulling through. The child's mother, Hailey Raney, sits by and endures an agonizingly long wait for updates on her son's condition as Isiah Hill, Milo's biological father, made his first appearance in court last week after being arrested and charged with criminal mistreatment and first-degree assault.

“He had a stroke that affected both sides of his brain, so three-fourths of his brain is dead,” Hailey said. “It’s just really time now, if he’s going to wake up, and if not, he will pass.”

According to court documents, the 19-year-old dad first told police that he accidentally tripped over their dog while carrying their son and accidentally landed on top of him. And Hailey, who separated from Hill, said that the child's father gave her the same explanation. The two still share Milo's custody, with the child spending three days out of every week with his dad. Hailey explained that she was driving to Hill's house when she received a call from her child's father, informing her about the "accident."

“Immediately when I saw my son, he was not okay. His eyes were rolled back to his head; lips were already purple. He was moving, but it wasn’t normal baby movement, and he was making a very loud grunting noise.”


The frantic mom rushed her baby to the hospital, where doctors told her that Milo's injuries were not consistent with a fall. They said that Milo was likely abused.

“That’s when I just had this gut feeling something wasn’t right,” said Raney.


When confronted with this information, Hill reportedly admitted that he squeezed and shook Milo before throwing him onto the bed.

“He was just the most happiest baby ever,” Hailey said. “He was all smiles. He loved everybody and anybody. All I’ve ever wanted was a little boy.”


Please say a prayer for this sweet little angel. For more on this story, you can also watch a news report in the video below.


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