Couple in Lockdown Builds a Tiny Irish Pub in Their Backyard

Couple in Lockdown Builds a Tiny Irish Pub in Their Backyard

We're here for this idea.

The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered businesses all over the world, and that includes pubs and bars, along with most restaurants unless you were doing takeout. Because of this, people have had to get super creative with how they entertain themselves and socialize with other people. Some folks who have previously enjoyed happy hour at their neighborhood pubs are having to find workarounds to the cherished pastime and pass those few hours after work. Many people are doing bar crawls at home and still others are resorting to Zoom happy hour with their friends. Countless others have just stopped partying completely and developed new hobbies, which is OK, too.

One couple wasn't willing to give up their beloved pub time, though, and that is the Crabtree family, who realized that they had no choice but to just bring the pub to their own backyard. The family consulted with a woman named Amy, who is the mastermind behind Octavia Chic. Amy planned a garden pub where the family could gather to enjoy a pint or a glass of wine. With Amy's help, the family came up with some plans and they actually completed this amazing project in about three weeks. When Amy put the photos of the finished pub on her Facebook page, people went nuts for it and the photos quickly went viral.


Amy admitted that this project to create "The Drunken Crab" was her and her husband's favorite project to date. She's so happy that the Crabtrees are enjoying their new garden pub, where they can have happy hour right in their own backyard. You won't believe the detail in this pub. Check out some of the photos below.


Octavia Chic is overwhelmed at how viral the photos went and they're suddenly hugely popular.


As cute as the outside of the pub is, it's the inside where things get crazy cool.


The devil is in the details and it's amazing just how authentic they made this little pub look.


It's like stepping into a real pub.


There's even a little heater for chilly evenings.


Fancy a game of darts? They've got you covered.


I've visited more than my share of Irish-themed pubs in my lifetime and this one is perfect. I'd love to have one in my own backyard.

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