Enraged Father Demolishes Teacher In Brutal Beat Down After Learning He Molested His Daughter

Enraged Father Demolishes Teacher In Brutal Beat Down After Learning He Molested His Daughter

Once this dad saw the teacher who sexually abused his daughter, all he saw was red.

There's something sacred and unique about the relationship between a father and his daughter. For real dads, the instinct to protect their princess is something no one has to teach; it's hard-coded into their DNA. It's not unlike a mother's instinct to protect her children; however, when it comes to fathers, especially those who know how to defend themselves, this instinct bad for a person's health should they decide to harm their daughter in any way. Many of us have heard the jokes about dad cleaning his shotgun when meeting his daughter's new boyfriend. Well, that's not a myth, although many dads have different ways of getting their message across to would-be suitors that don't involve firearms.

In 2019, a father in Argentina learned that one of his daughter's school teacher was sexually abusing her regularly. The dad first became suspicious when a family member discovered sexually-suggestive texts on his daughter's phone from the teacher. When he watched the school's CCTV cameras, he saw footage that confirmed that a 30-year-old teacher named Jorge Cruceno, an instructor at Santa Marta Commercial Female School, was indeed behaving inappropriately towards his daughter. However, his anger reached the boiling point when his daughter accused the teacher of raping her as well. One day the father went to the school's administration to report the incident.

However, as soon as he saw Cruceno in the hallway, the dad flew into a blind rage and immediately set upon him with every ounce of wrath and fury in his body. The father began to punch and kick Cruceno, who tried in vain to cover his head, but the man's punches at his face too fast. A CCTV camera captured his daughter's shocked reaction as her dad beat the teacher down in front of the entire school.


At first, she seemed frozen, but she tried to stop her dad before seriously injuring Cruceno. However, despite her efforts to calm him, the father was far beyond all reasoning as he continued to assail the teacher with a flurry of kicks and punches. And while Cruceno did try to run away, the father would not relent.


The entire attack lasted for a mere 15 seconds, but the father landed about 22 punches on the teacher's face and an unknown number of kicks within that time. After the dad felt like he had finished his business, he calmed himself and quietly walked away with his daughter.

According to paramedics, the teacher sustained major cuts on his face just below his left eye. Meanwhile, school administrators have suspended Cruceno as police continue their investigation into the alleged rape.


Do you think this father over-reacted or let him off easy? You can watch the video of the assault below.


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