Kooky Cat Discovers Joy Of Suction Via the Vacuum Cleaner Hose and Now He Can't Get Enough

Kooky Cat Discovers Joy Of Suction Via the Vacuum Cleaner Hose and Now He Can't Get Enough

Parents video their quirky kitty enjoying his strange favorite hobby of licking the hose of their running vacuum cleaner.

As a cat parent of 15, I can tell you that while most kitties don't have the biggest personalities, even the most reserved feline has their "thing" that makes them unique. For example, our oldest cat, Paris, never gets excited about anything. She's your typical older cat who sits around with a look of disinterest 99.9 percent of the time. However, one day we found her playing like a kitten with a straw that fell on the floor. My wife and I watched in amazement as quiet Paris batted that piece of plastic around for at least an hour.

But if there is one thing most of our pets, including our two dogs, hate, it has to be the vacuum cleaner. You would think we didn't have any pets once we start running our vacuum for a house with so many cats. There's just something about the sound that they want no part off. And most cat parents have the same experience, except for maybe one couple whose cat Rijka seems to be addicted to their vacuum cleaner. The kitty loves licking the air being sucked into the hose. Now, there are many videos where humans purposely force their pets to do things for laughs; however, in this video, we see that this kitty really does enjoy this strange hobby.


We see Rijika, an orange tabby in the video, clinging to the vacuum hose with both paws. And whenever the tube escapes his grip, he desperately scrambles to get a hold of his favorite toy so he can continue licking that delectable sucking air.


Even getting his face sucked in from time to time doesn't bother Rijika, who simply pulls back and continues licking away blissfully.


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