Man Allegedly Murders 3-Year-Old Niece By Cutting Throat Right In Front Of Her 4 Screaming Siblings

Man Allegedly Murders 3-Year-Old Niece By Cutting Throat Right In Front Of Her 4 Screaming Siblings

Police arrested a man accused of slashing his own nieces throat as her siblings looked on in horror.

In 2018, just before Christmas, police in Clinton County, Kentucky, arrested 33-year-old Emanuel Flutur after he allegedly cut his own niece's throat. Officers confirmed that 3-year-old Josephine died from injuries she sustained from the vicious attack in her home. According to police records, Flutur went into the toddler's bedroom and cut her throat with a knife. The girl's father, Beni Bulubenchi, heard his other terrified daughters screaming over the baby monitor. However, by the time he rushed into the room, he discovered his brother had already slashed his daughter's throat. The child was rushed to a nearby hospital; sadly, little Josephine (who her family also called "Bay-Bay") died at the Univesity of Kentucky Children's Hospital.

The police citation also says that four other kids in the same room saw Flutur murder their sister during the incident. When Flutur was taken into custody by authorities, reports say he was too violent for them to be able to take a mugshot at the police station. At this time, police still have yet to find a motive behind the attack. According to WYMT, Flutur was working and living at his brother's home. The family's neighbors were absolutely shocked to hear this horrific event had taken place inside what they described as a very close-knit Christian home.

“They’re such a beautiful family, the kids, mom, and the dad, and they are very friendly, the kids are out in the yard playing a lot," according to one neighbor.


After the murder, the devastated father posted a gutwrenching message on Facebook, which included a picture of him holding onto his little angel's hand. Beni said that his brother was not evil and that the man had suffered a psychotic episode despite what happened. He said:

“I want people to know that he loved his nieces and loved his nephews. He loved us. He loved me and his sister.”

"He has a mental condition that he suffers with since he was in the army," said Dariu, Flutur's older brother. "It's tough for us to understand. Because of what happened."


The family set a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to fly Bay-Bay's body back to Michigan, where she was laid to rest. The GoFundMe page said:

“The family of Beni and Simona Bulubenchi from Kentucky are going through a tragedy. One of their nine children, Josephine Mia (4 years old), has passed away Sunday, December 9th, leaving behind a heartbroken family.

The family would like to transport the body of the little girl to Michigan for funeral services. We would like to help cover the transport and funeral expenses. ”


A grand jury in January 2019 indicted Flutur. His Original pretrial conference was set for March 5, 2020. However, there haven't been any reports regarding a new date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can also watch a video about this story below.


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