NBA Great Michael Jordan Just Opened His Second Health Clinic for Uninsured People

NBA Great Michael Jordan Just Opened His Second Health Clinic for Uninsured People

He's addressing a growing need in this country.

In the town of Charlotte, NBA great Michael Jordan just opened a second health clinic to serve people who are uninsured. According to reports by People , the basketball legend opened the second clinic in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina on October 19th, only a year after opening his first clinic, the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic. The clinic is much more than just a place where people can be seen for a simple illness, however. It includes 12 patient exam rooms, a space for physical therapy, an x-ray room, and even employs a full-time clinical social worker right there onsite.

Jordan opened the second clinic to give relief to the first clinic, which has been overwhelmed with patients because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been sweeping the United States since March and still continues. Both of the centers opened by Jordan are designed to provide underprivileged communities in Charlotte with medical care. It provides these people with much more than just medical care, however. They also help with dental care and behavioral health issues. The 57-year-old Jordan commented on the new clinic in a Zoom call recently.


"When we came together to mark the first clinic's opening last fall, no one could have predicted we would be facing a global pandemic just five months later," he said. Jordan added, "I'm so proud of the positive impact our clinic has had on the community so far, especially during Covid-19. Our second clinic will provide critical services to improve the health and lives of more Charlotteans." In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, clinic employee Dr. Michael Hoben said that the community's social and economic inequalities still need to be addressed.


Hoben said that one thing they've learned over time is that a patient's ability to access food, housing, clothing, and transportation has a huge impact on the patient's ability to be healthy. Hoben added that if they're only addressing the traditional medical needs of people, they're missing at least half of what they really need to achieve for them to be at their healthiest. Watch below the video of Jordan at the opening of the first clinic.


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