Pregnant Woman's Body Discovered After 'Friend' Cut Her Open And Stole Baby From Her Womb

Pregnant Woman's Body Discovered After 'Friend' Cut Her Open And Stole Baby From Her Womb

A woman stands accused of murdering her pregnant friend and her baby in attempt to steal the child from her womb.

In Texas, a woman, who had been 7 months into her pregnancy, was murdered along with her unborn child, reports the Daily Mail. Reagan Hancock, age 22, was found with her womb cut open on October 9. There are also reports that the mother may have been beaten before being killed. The perpetrator was allegedly a friend of Handcock's who wanted to steal her baby. Hancock was pregnant with her second child when this horrific incident took place. After the murder, a suspect was taken into custody, nearly 50 miles from the crime scene. The woman, later identified as Taylor Morton, had tried to take the baby to a hospital. However, the child did not survive, and she has been charged with murder and kidnapping.

Morton remains in police custody in Idabel, Oklahoma, and Texas Rangers are also investigating the crime as the child was taken across state lines. The fetus was brought to a hospital in Idabel, where the child later passed away. Friends and family went on social media, where they quickly identified the victim as Hancock and said that she was friends with her killer. One social media account stated:

"Reagan Hancock and her unborn baby were selfishly killed by someone Reagan considered a friend. We are trying to raise money for Homer and their daughter. Homer has been around racing for many years and is the man behind our outlaw lawn care. Let’s rally together and raise enough money to take any stress off him for any and all expenses that will occur."


Hancock and Homer were married in 2019, and the couple was anticipating their second child's arrival. There are also reports that Hancock's mother was the one who discovered her daughter's body.

"I am begging for prayers without ceasing for our family. Our beautiful daughter Reagan Hancock and her precious unborn baby girl Braxlynn were murdered yesterday by Satan in the flesh," wrote the mom. "I found her, and Marcus and Chris were on the scene right after me. Our family, friends, & community are rocked to the core! Our Reagan was one of the most precious people you would ever meet."


Hancock's great uncle also shared a heartwarming tribute to the young mom and her daughter, who was taken from this world too soon.

"Please lift our family up in prayer as we struggle with the horrific, evil act that took the life of our great-niece and soon-to-be (2nd), great-great niece. Sue and I ask that you say special prayers for my sister and her family as they go through this. Reagan always loved coming to Fort Smith and spending time with us, and her little Kynlee was the happiest baby girl we've ever known from the time she was born. We also ask for prayers for Reagan's husband and his family's side and for little Kynlee. This is so devastating and unimaginable and will affect and change so many lives that I'm at a loss for words. So all I ask is, Please Pray. Rest in love in heaven, Reagan, and Braxlynn."


You can also watch a news report on this horrifying story below.


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