Rich Businessman Proudly Poses Next To Bodies of Two Baby Elephants He Killed For Fun

Rich Businessman Proudly Poses Next To Bodies of Two Baby Elephants He Killed For Fun

A rich businessman poste photos of himself standing over the bodies of baby elephants he slaughtered for fun and folks are outraged.

A wealthy businessman has now become the face of animal cruelty worldwide after posing a picture of him and another hunter standing next to two baby elephants' dead bodies after he allegedly shot them. The American entrepreneur Mike Jines has since received a flood of backlash on social media after he and his accomplice Max "Buzz" Delezenne took pictures of themselves preening over the body of a dead elephant with their rifles slung over their shoulders, reports ACHNews.

Metro reports that the two elephant calves were murdered by Jines and his hunting partner in Zimbabwe. The heartbreaking image shows the elephant's limp bodies after Jines shot them in cold blood. You can also see Delezenne and Jines dawning huge smiles as the two cowards apparently took pride in their atrocities in the picture. It's reported that there has been no official statement on whether the elephants killed by the men were, in fact, babies, and after his post went viral, the businessman began receiving death threats. Jines is a partner with TopGen Energy, and there is now an active and growing campaign by thousands on social media to boycott the company's services.


Later, after realizing the reception the photos were receiving on social media, Jines explained that his side of the story was different from what was reported.

"The hunt started with a bang... literally. Less than thirty minutes into the first morning of the first day we experienced a double elephant cow charge. This was obviously a first for me but it turns out it was a first for Buzz as well. We saw a group of cows from the road and decided to follow them to see if a tuskless was in the group," Jines posted on a forum, as quoted by CBS46.

"We caught them quickly and identified a tuskless. We positioned ourselves to get a good look at the tuskless and concluded that we would pass since it was just Day 1. An instant later she came in an all out charge. Buzz and I both fired two shots a piece and she went down. Then from behind us a large one-tusked cow charged at full speed."


Jines went on to claim:

"We each fired one shot and she crashed to the ground with her hind legs out behind her, indicating the speed and determination of her charge. The two cows were less than forty feet apart with Buzz and I in the middle. Fortunately we had positioned ourselves in some open ground so we had good visibility when the charges came. Certainly a little more excitement than we had bargained for on Day 1."

During an email interview with CBS46, Jines also claimed that the elephants were killed in a designated safari area and that the hunt was well within the U.S. and Zimbabwe laws and regulations. He said:

"The two elephant that is shown in the photos were shot in self-defense, in an unprovoked charge and both elephants were fully mature cows, not juveniles."

"While I can appreciate that hunting can be polarizing and that views on hunting can vary materially, I am sure that you can appreciate what it is like to deal with the vitriol particularly when the underlying information in this case is inaccurate," he added.


Nevertheless, folks still maintained that no animal should ever be hunted for sport or trophies.

Sharon Walters, a commenter on social media, noted that Jines "didn't have to pose" with the dead elephants.

"My heart is broken, and my body is sick from seeing these images," a social media user named Molly Brown wrote, as quoted by Independent while another said, "That’s one of the saddest photos I’ve ever seen."

"Fire Mike Jines. Elephants have strong family ties. He robbed a family of its children... Trying be a big man by going after baby animals with a high-powered gun? Wow, what a man!" wrote Didgy Sencer.

"He got caught and now he is trying to save himself... Good luck with that, Jines. Remember, God hates a coward," read a petition that urged people to email Jines's company.


ACHNews reports that according to Houston's Safari Club, Jines is a fanatic hunter who "extensively" hunted down animals all over Africa. He's also said to have shot and killed many specie,s including what is considered the "big seven" in the world of hunting: Lions, Black Rhinos, Leopards, Buffalo, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, and Elephants. However, they say he seems to prefer slaughtering elephants.

Jines went on to whine after U.S. Fish, and Wildlife Service (USFWS) officials banned the import of hunted elephants, stating:

"Without a strong show of outrage by hunters, the USFWS will just be emboldened to continue down the path of nibbling away at the rights of sport hunters."

Cry us a river, creep.

You can also watch a video talking about this story below.


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