Sadistic Father Shoots His Own 2-Year-Old Son In Face With Shotgun To Get Revenge on Child's Mother

Sadistic Father Shoots His Own 2-Year-Old Son In Face With Shotgun To Get Revenge on Child's Mother

A man has been arrested after pointing a shotgun at his son's face and pulling the trigger just to punish the boy's mom.

In April 2019, a Michigan man named Michael Christopher Glance had gotten into an argument with Nicole McCarthy, his partner, and his two-year-old son's mother. According to authorities, Glance decided to punish McCarthy by shooting their little boy in the face with a shotgun. The entire nation was left in shock as millions of people ask how any father could do such a thing to his own son? Thankfully, the child survived the attack, and now Glance faces charges of attempted murder.

The incident happened at the family's home in Blackman Township. The 32-year-old father allegedly became angry with McCarthy and had first taken a pistol, pointed it at his son, and pulled the trigger. However, the gun did not fire, according to Kati Rezmierski, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County. Upon realizing Glance's desire to murder their son, McCarthy took their child and managed to get him to the car. Sadly, Glace pursued them after retrieving a shotgun.

“He pointed the shotgun at the same two-year-old son of his that was strapped defenseless in the back seat of the car. He pointed it at him and blew off half of his face,” said Rezmierski.

“For whatever reason, Mr. Glance decided to take his anger out on his 2-year-old child that day,” Rezmierski told MLive. “It was by some divine intervention that gun malfunctioned, and his life was spared, but how much of it was really spared?” asked the devastated mother.


Because the damage caused by the shotgun wasn't enough, Glance reportedly returned to the house to once again get his malfunctioning pistol as he intended to try reshooting the child. Fortunately, it failed, and he fled the scene of the crime moments later.

The child was rushed to a local hospital, and police managed to track down the suspect.

A judge appointed to the case asked the state-run Center for Forensic Psychiatry to conduct a mental evaluation to determine if Glace is mentally competent enough to be held criminally liable for his actions.

At this time, Glance was held on a $10 million bond. However, after the evaluation, the forensic examiner testified before the judge that Glance was not competent to stand trial. Earlier last June 12th District Court, Judge Michael Klaeren said:

It is a “rather low bar” to be deemed competent and it is rare someone is deemed incompetent, Klaeren said.
“The people at the forensics center, this is what they do,” Klaeren said. “They deal with people that are mentally ill. They deal with people that are trying to scam the system to avoid responsibility for criminal charges.”

However, on July 25, 2019, a forensic psychiatrist, who conducted a second assessment, later testified that Glance had been faking his mental illness and the court ruled that he would indeed stand trial for his crimes.

“His results in this measure indicate a high likelihood of feigning in respect to rare symptoms,” the report read by Klaeren said.

“This was an extraordinary case, to the extent that I’ve never had an individual found incompetent May 22, then three weeks later found competent,” defense attorney Andrew Kirckpatrick said.


The little boy, whose name is Ryker, has since been discharged from the hospital after 27 days. However, doctors at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor say that Ryker still has to have several more surgeries soon.

Ryker's treatment cost is quite expensive, and his family managed to raise $82,000 so far, thanks to their GoFundMe campaign. According to the page:

“Ryker now has over 100 stitches in his face post-surgery and is still listed in critical care with a ventilator and feeding tube installed in his stomach. He has a long road of recovery ahead with more surgeries to come.”

“Her children are her life,” Ryker’s grandfather Doug McCarthy told MLive. “I’m still in shock but thankful for all the support we’re getting. I never thought there could be this many people who would want to help someone they never met. Ryker still has a long road to recovery, and if it wasn’t for all the support, I don’t think we would have made it this far,” she added.


Please be sure to pray for little Ryker and his family, and may Michael Christopher Glance, one day, face justice for this heinous crime.


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