She's Battling Pancreatic Cancer and Received $60 and a Letter From a Complete Stranger

She's Battling Pancreatic Cancer and Received $60 and a Letter From a Complete Stranger

She said it's the "best thing that's happened to me."

Although social distancing has kept many of us from making connections with the people around us, some folks are still finding ways to connect, and one woman was determined to let another woman know that she was supportive even if she didn't know who she was. A resident of Queen Creek, Arizona was sitting outside when a neighbor who was walking her dog passed by and saw her. Kim has been battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed in July 2019. The doctors initially gave her a year to live, but she's beaten the slim odds and doctors are now hopeful that she may see remission soon.

A little later, the same woman walked by again, but this time, instead of walking on, she approached Kim and handed her an envelope, saying, "I want to give you this." Kim waited until her daughter-in-law got home to open it and read it to her. The handwritten note was written on lined paper and it spoke volumes about the stranger who dropped it off. Here's what it said: “Hello, I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I was out walking my dog and I noticed a lady in your garage sitting in a chair who is sick and then I looked at the truck with the middle finger with the ‘c’ word,” the note read.


The note continued: “My brother passed away from the ‘c’ word who was my hero, so when I see someone who might have it my heart is with your family and that lady I saw sitting in the chair. I will keep your family in my prayers. Hoping that she kicks its butt. Please use this money on anything. I know its not alot but something that might make her day brighter.” And just in case anyone worried about germs on the note, the woman put on the note that she had sprayed the money with Lysol, adding a smiley face.

Kim described the moment as "fantastic" and "heartwarming" and said that it's one of the best things that's happened to her in a long time. She has a supportive family, but knowing that a stranger out there is also praying for her makes her feel better. “I truly believe that’s what’s making it work so well for me,” Whipple said. She's hoping to one day thank the woman. “I’d like to say thank you very much,” she said, “and I hope we can become friends.”

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