Teenage Girl Is Training to Become the First Human to Walk on Mars

Teenage Girl Is Training to Become the First Human to Walk on Mars

The young astronaut is 19 years old.

Alyssa Carson isn't just your average teenage girl. Nothing against teenage girls. I was once one and I raised one. But neither I nor my daughter were doing at age 19 what this young woman is doing. From the age of three, Alyssa was interested in all things to do with outer space, and it started with a space-themed episode of the TV show "The Backyardigans." Since then, she's been fairly singularly focused. She's the only person in the world who has attended every single space camp available and that includes the ones that were held in Turkey and Canada. Also, she's the youngest person to ever graduate from the Advanced Space Academy, an accomplishment she earned when she was only 16.

In 2014, she was the first person to ever complete the NASA Passport Program by attending all of the 14 Nasa visitor centers across nine different states. Organizers were so impressed with her that they invited her onto the panel at the Mars Exploration Rover (MAR) event, which occurred at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. These accomplishments and achievements just solidified her passion and dedication to everything to do with outer space. Now, she's 19 years old and a part of a group of hopeful space explorers and young astronauts who have the common goal of becoming a member of the first crew to land on and walk upon the surface of Mars.


Alyssa and her peers are working hard to mount an effort to get noticed by NASA, hoping that they'll be chosen to form the elite team that looks to resume exploration in space once the coronavirus pandemic is over. She has already amassed a huge following on social media, including Twitter, where she has 20,000 followers, and TikTok, where she has a whopping 109,000 subscribers. She also has a verified Instagram account, where she has more than 338,000 followers. The young lady is popular!


Alyssa uses the handle "NASA Blueberry" on all of the social media platforms and she explained why to Business Insider . "I got ‘Blueberry’ because the second time I went to space camp, when I was really little, I wanted one of the blue flight suits that I saw everyone wearing because I wanted to be an astronaut, so I wanted to look like one. I was too short and small to fit in any of the flight suits, so my dad ended up finding this knockoff, like not really the right shade of blue," she said. Watch the video that she made for Twitter below.


Image: Instagram

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