Woman Foolishly Takes 23 Relatives on a Blind Date to Test Her Date's Generosity

Woman Foolishly Takes 23 Relatives on a Blind Date to Test Her Date's Generosity

It backfired on her, needless to say.

A woman from China had a brilliant idea for how to test the character of the man she had a blind date scheduled with: show up with 23 family members to test his generosity. The unnamed woman had a date in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang with a 29-year-old man named Mr. Lui, the local newspaper Taizhou Evening News reported. Apparently, the young woman thought it would be clever to show up to a romantic candlelit dinner for two with her huge extended family, thereby turning the occasion that was supposed to be intimate into a rowdy banquet with more than two dozen people. As for Mr. Lui's generosity, here's what happened.

Apparently, the occasion was supposed to test his generosity, but the smart man took off once he saw how much the bill was: £2,300. As it turns out, the risky gamble on the part of the young woman didn't pay off for her, as her companion fled the restaurant when he got the bill, which is honestly understandable. The Evening News says that the couple's unusual date was originally set up by Mr. Lui's mother, who feared that her son had been single for too long and she hoped to find him a wife. However, she didn't expect this, surely. A mother worries about these things, so I'm told.

SplitShire, Pixabay
SplitShire , Pixabay

However, although Mr. Lui wanted to be a gentleman and pay for the meal, he assumed that it would be just the two of them, not an entire greedy family. He was astonished when he arrived at the restaurant and saw that his blind date had brought along a hungry crowd of her family members with her. Later, the woman told the Chinese media outlet that she wanted to test the man's generosity and thought this was a good idea. She wanted to see if he was charitable enough to pay for 25 hungry people to eat.

TerriC, Pixabay
TerriC , Pixabay

Apparently, he was not, and who could blame him? The woman ended up having to pay the bill herself. Reports say that later, the two came to an agreement whereby Mr. Lui paid for a small portion of the meal, but the rest of it had to be paid for by the woman and her family.

Image: Pexels , Pixabay

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