Young Artist Bizarrely Collects and Catalogs Every Mosquito She's Ever Killed

Young Artist Bizarrely Collects and Catalogs Every Mosquito She's Ever Killed

She numbers her "victims" in a quite macabre collection.

Sometimes there are things that just very few people can understand. I'm not talking about astrophysics here. I'm talking about the bizarre behaviors of human beings. I'm sure I have some habits that would have some people scratching their heads in confusion, but a young artist who tweets under the name of Delisha Day has a genuinely unique hobby, if it can be called a hobby. Her pastime is so unique that she's probably the only person in the history of the world who has ever done this. Delisha recently revealed that she has collected and saved every single mosquito she kills and numbers the victims in a notebook.

And she tapes the dead mosquito to the notebook. Delisha's hobby came to light with the popular "How It Started" meme, where people post a sort of before photo and after photo of important happenings in their lives. Beside the "How It Started" photo, social media users post a "How It's Going" photo. In Delisha's meme, she posted a photo of a single dead mosquito on a piece of paper for her "How It Started" photo. In her "How It's Going" side, she posted a photo of what appears to be essentially a mosquito graveyard of dead mosquitos taped to a piece of paper.


Perhaps what's most disturbing and gruesome about the whole thing is how tidily the mosquitos are lined up and numbered. It's very methodical. Delisha's death count for mosquitos is at about 80, so she's been doing this for a while, it seems. The rows of dead mosquitos are chillingly orderly. Collecting things can be fun, but collecting dead mosquitos is bizarre. On the other hand, people have been collecting dead bugs for centuries, so maybe it's not that weird. If it were my child doing this, though, I'd be having them evaluated. Quickly.


One person suggested that Delisha may be a budding entomologist, which would be nice. Studying insects is a worthwhile endeavor. Whatever is going on, we wish Delisha the best.

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